Shields Pictures Inc.

21st Century All-Media Entertainment Company with

20th Century Paramount Pictures Film Library Treasures






Shields Pictures Inc. is a California Corporation engaged in all forms of media & entertainment - everything from Reality TV and Documentaries to Commercials, Museum Exhibitions, Mobile Media Apps and beyond.

Among our highlights, Shields has produced award-winning family programming for HBO, interstitial programming for AMCTV, and assisted in series production with Discovery Channel. We have worked with such legendary Hollywood icons as Vincent Price ("Lessons to Remember"), Angela Lansbury ("Bluelights" PSA) and Nick Clooney ("Short Cuts" on AMCTV).

The cornerstone of our media company is the ownership and/or representation of 3 remarkable Paramount Pictures Theatrical Short Subject Series produced from 1935 to 1950 -

POPULAR SCIENCE® historic film series - A tour de force of Science & Discovery, Invention & Technology

UNUSUAL OCCUPATIONS - Astounding profiles of Amazing Individuals, Weird Workers and Crazy Collections the world over

SPEAKING OF ANIMALS - A two-time Academy Award-winning Talking Animal Series created by Tex Avery

With 5 Academy Award nominations and 2 Oscar wins, our shows were produced as entertainment short subjects that premiered before Paramount Pictures biggest theatrical feature films of the day


The POPULAR SCIENCE® FILM LIBRARY is now owned and controlled by The Packard Humanities Institute with representation by Shields Pictures Inc.

POPULAR SCIENCE® is a registered trademark of Bonnier Active Media, Inc. and is used by The Packard Humanities Institute under Perpetual License